Sunday, January 11, 2009

Longmont's lack of chickens on NPR

Longmont made national news again, this time on National Public Radio's (NPR's) All Things Considered this weekend in City Folk Flock to Raise Small Livestock at Home by Megan Verlee. Verlee discusses the urban hen trend in Denver and across the country.

This was Longmont's mention:
Some municipalities have bucked the agrarian trend. Just north of Denver, the planning board for the city of Longmont, Colo., recently gave the thumbs-down to a chicken ordinance. According to Jon Van Bentham, the board chairman, concerns ranged from unsightly chicken-coop construction to noise and smell, to slightly more dire topics.

"Avian flu came up," Van Bentham says. "Again, that's maybe kind of a nightmare scenario, but that's one of the places where folks are concerned that it comes from."
You can listen to the 4 1/2 minute broadcast or read the entire article here - City Folk Flock to Raise Small Livestock at Home.

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  1. I heard this story on KCFR Denver and it inspired my latest Conflict Geek blog post, about using conflict resolution tools to help us have productive conversations before they become contentious. I posted a few tips and techniques specific to introducing your hen plans to your neighbors. It's entitled "Talk Before They Squawk" and can be found at:

    Good luck with your push for hens in Longmont! I love the cause and dream of having hens of my own someday. Let me know if there's any way I can help with my conflict expertise.