Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eggs on the Table: presentation tonight at Longmont Public Library

Just a reminder that our library public education meeting is still on for tonight.

on the Table: Longmont and Urban Hens
, a public educational meeting, will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. TODAY, Thursday, Dec. 18 at the Longmont Public Library. Accompanied by experts in their fields, we'll clear up some misconceptions and educate about the many benefits to owning backyard hens. Whether you are pro-chicken or still on the fence, we hope you will join us. Children are welcome to attend with their parents.

We will have a local physician, an organic farmer and a few urban hen owners from neighboring communities speak. We will also answer questions and view some images and video clips demonstrating the various homes and faces behind urban hens. The meeting is for anyone who wishes to learn more about urban hens and to better understand how they can be good neighbors.


  1. Question - if the city does allow chickens could existing neighborhoods still pass amendments to thier HOA rules to outlaw them - or does the city ordinance trump? Just Curious. FYI - we moved up from Golden this year, for the last 4 years our golden nighbors had chickens - no smell, I got the fertilizer for my garden and a supply of fresh eggs - it was an ideal situation...

  2. In general most HOAs already disallow livestock and chickens. If the city ordinance is passed and you live in an HOA that does not currently allow chickens you would need to respect those rules or work with the HOA for an exception perhaps? So yes, the HOA rules would trump the ordinance.