Friday, March 27, 2009

Longmont chicken permits sold out - waiting list started

On Monday, March 23, the city of Longmont issued the last of the 50 permits that allow residents to keep up to four backyard hens. At this time, no more permits are available.

They have, however, started a waiting list of sorts. If anyone who received a permits decides they'd rather not get chickens after all (or if they get them and then decide to get rid of them), they can turn their permit back into the city and the city can reissue it to a person on the waiting list. As of today, March 27, there are four people on the waiting list. So if you do find yourself with a permit and no desire to get or keep chickens after all, please turn your permit back in so that a resident who really wants them can obtain them legally. To be put on the wait list for a chicken permit, please contact Ben Ortiz at the Planning and Development Services Division, 385 Kimbark St. The phone number is 303-774-4725.

Thank you. :)

In the news again:
Longmont's chickens were in the Denver Post last week: More cities welcome chickens


  1. This company in the UK carries some nice looking pre-made coops:

  2. NBC news wants to contact Longmont in-town chicken growers. I'm working on a story about the growth of BYC's and need to interview several growers for the news story
    Jack Chesnutt - Producer NBC Nightly News