Thursday, February 19, 2009

Show your support February 24th at 7 PM!!!

Hello Chicken Lovers! The Backyard Chicken Ordinance is up for its final "yay" or "nay" vote next Tuesday, February 24th at 7 PM. Please come to the meeting, sign up to speak briefly and tell the council that you wholeheartedly support backyard chickens.

With amendments, the proposed ordinance would now allow:
  • Up to 4 backyard chicken hens (no roosters).
  • No other fowl are allowed - so, no turkeys, quail, ducks, geese, guinea fowl or pigeons.
  • The coop and run can be up to 7 feet high. It has to be predator proof, with a solid top.
  • The coop and run must be 6 feet away from any other structure, and from side and rear property lines. The coop and run must be in the rear of the property.
  • The coop and run must allow at least 4 sq ft per chicken, and can be a maximum of 120 sq ft total.
  • Water must be available to the chickens at all times, and feed must be kept in a vermin-proof container.
  • The coop and run must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and not constitute a nuisance, safety hazard, or health problem to surrounding properties.
  • No slaughtering allowed.
  • Hen keepers must have a permit - currently, 50 permits will be allowed, at a permitting price of $30 each.
  • A permit may be revoked with violation of any part of the ordinance.
  • The trial period ends in December of 2010 (the ordinance "sunsets") if it has not been renewed prior to that time.
If anything has been left out please be sure to add it in the below comments. We hope to see you Tuesday!


  1. What are the results of the one year test period?

  2. The Ordinance reached the sunset time period last fall and was put on the books with out a restriction on number of permits or any other significant changes. Success!

    (See the two posts from 2011)