Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eggs on the Table - pictures from the presentation and an update

On Thursday, Dec. 20, a small group of chicken supporters held a public informational meeting called "Eggs on the Table: Longmont and Urban Hens" at the Longmont Public Library. We had a decent turnout, including one member of city council (Mary Blue) in attendance. All city council members were invited.

In addition to the presentation and some question and answer, we had the backyard chicken petition available for signatures. If you are a Longmont resident who has been unable to sign the paper petition and are in favor of allowing up to 6 backyard hens (no roosters) in Longmont, you can sign the online petition. Please be sure to include your address in the comments.

Here are a few pictures from the presentation:

Alison talks about sustainability.

An explanation of why backyard hens are sustainable.

An explanation of why Longmont needs an ordinance allowing backyard hens.
Chris discusses different breeds of chickens and chicken coops.

Dr. Mikki Hand talks about the myths and concerns versus the facts regarding backyard hens.

Alison shows the difference in egg yolks (size and color) between:
top picture - a cage-free organic egg from Organic Valley (purchased from the grocery store) on the left and an almost urban egg from Ollin Farm (a local organic farm) on the right and
bottom picture: Ollin Farm eggs on the left and Organic Valley eggs on the right.

Some of the chicken pictures the kids in attendance of the presentation colored.

Lastly, Lilla, age 7, (of Lyons) talks about her chickens while her father looks on.

UPDATE: At this time, city council is set to discuss more about the ordinance at the Jan. 20th study session, which the public may attend. Also, there will be an open forum at city council on Jan. 6th during which residents may sign up to speak on any topic for a 5-minute period. You just need to sign up to speak.
If you'd like to read more about the presentation, please see the Times-Call article about it: Chicken fans praise backyard birds as useful, fun.
If you'd like to get involved in the chicken crusade, please join the Yahoo Group and/or consider sending an email in support of the ordinance to city council.
Thank you.


  1. Please check out the USA Today article which discusses the controversy in Longmont

  2. Thanks for the tip! :) I knew it would be coming up (a friend of mine wrote it), but I hadn't known it was published yet.