Friday, November 21, 2008

Contact Your City Council Members

If you are in favor of the Longmont city ordinance to allow backyard hens, please let your City Council members know (and why you support the ordinance). You can find their contact information by clicking on their names on the City of Longmont City Council Members page or their email addresses are listed individually below.

Sean McCoy:
Gabe Santos:
Sarah Levison:
Karen Benker:
Mary Blue:
Brian Hansen:
Mayor Roger Lange:

It is so important that the city council members hear from everyone who is in support of this ordinance. Please make sure your voice is heard. Send them an email.


  1. I would like to go on record as wanting to raise a few chickens in my backyard in Southmoor Park
    in Longmont, my neighbor would like to as well.
    Thanks so much
    Maura Rieman
    825 s. pratt pkwy
    longmont co 80501

  2. I have recently moved into a house that has an existing chicken coop and am on the wait list. Is anyone giving up their permits because they are not using them?

  3. Connie, I wish I could say yes. I believe the city will contact you if a permit becomes available. I'm on the waiting list as well myself. Let's cross our fingers or perhaps we will eventually get a group together to ask city council to raise the permit limit. If you haven't yet joined the Longmont Chicken Yahoo Group (link in the right sidebar), you might want to so you can stay abreast of any new chicken developments. Thanks,