Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short Documentary on the Missoula Chicken Controversy

Here's a great look at the pros of hen ownership as well as the concerns.


  1. This is a great video! We are getting excited to set up our very first chicken coop for some girls this spring! I can't wait for the fresh eggs and fertilizer from my garden. The ideal set-up for recycling and getting involved in our very own food production!

  2. Aloha! I live in Hawaii and have four hens in my backyard. Although on vacay now for the winter, they give us tons of eggs most of the year and I love them dearly. I keep their coop and run clean and dry and they do the rest. No smell, no noise, no problem! I give away lots of eggs to families in our community who are living on fixed income, they are so grateful. I wish you all the luck in the world in garnishing support from your local government to allow backyard chickens! Aloha!